Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Five Ways to Tell if You Have a Slab Leak

Are you concerned about the possibility that your home may have begun to experience a slab leak? Here are five of the signs you can watch for in order to help catch a slab leak early.

1. Higher Water Usage

If you have a leak, you may begin to notice that your water usage seems to have suddenly increased for no apparent reason. This may raise your water bills and may also make your water heater run more frequently.

2. Wet Flooring

Have you found unexplained puddles or damp spots in your floor? This may be one telltale indication of a slab leak, especially if the damp spots persist over time.

3. Warm Spots

You might observe that certain spots on your floor feel strangely warm to the touch. This could potentially be due to a warm water leak beneath your flooring.

4. Soft Flooring

Over time, a slab leak may begin to soften or damage your flooring. You may notice that certain places in your floor feel strangely soft beneath your feet.

5. Dripping Sounds

With some slab leaks, you may even be able to hear audible sounds of dripping or splashing water.In a quiet house, you can try to listen for any unexplained water sounds.

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Getting the Job Done

When it comes to plumbing repairs, the professionals have the tools, knowledge and know-how to get the job done right in no time, so you never need to give up your everyday conveniences.

When to Replace Your Water Heater

Like nearly any component of your home, your water heater may gradually wear down over time. In some cases, faulty components could also fail suddenly, leaving you in need of a new water heater to help keep your life and routine running smoothly. Here are some of the signs that may indicate it is time to replace your water heater.

1. Signs of Leaking

Occasionally, you may find that it is a good idea to check the area around your water heater. Do you see any signs of water leaks? These signs may include visible dampness or discoloration on floors or walls. You may also notice the appearance of mold growth in the area around your water heater.

2. A Lack of Hot Water

An abrupt lack of hot water may be one clear sign that your water heater is in need of repair or replacement. If you turn on your hot water and find that it comes out consistently cold, it may be time to call an experienced plumber who can likely help resolve the problem.

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How to Tell if You Need Repiping

Are you experiencing problems with your plumbing? You may wonder the best course of action you can take to help resolve these issues. Here are three of the top ways in which you may be able to determine whether or not your home needs repiping.

1. Your Water Tastes Bad

Has your tap water begun to taste unpleasant? You might notice that it carries a rusty or metallic flavor. Some homeowners may also see that their water is discolored or contains visible flakes of rust. Any of these water problems may indicate a need for repiping.

2. Your Water Pressure Is Low

If your water pressure has dropped, the time may be right to replace your pipes. Consistently low water pressure can sometimes be a sign of plumbing that is in need of repair or replacement. Try to call a plumber as quickly as possible if you notice a drop in water pressure.

3. Your Plumbing Is Old

Even if you have not seen clear signs of plumbing problems, there is a chance your pipes may have begun to wear out if they are very old. Plumbing that is more than 20 years old may often need to be replaced.

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Friendly, Efficient Plumbing Service

Depending on the severity of the problem, a plumber might be over at your house quite frequently. Make sure you hire someone you get along with and will enjoy having over to your home. 

Tips to Hiring the Right Plumber

Plenty of plumbers are bound to be in your area. Far too many people make the mistake of assuming everyone is pretty much the same, but you do not want to fall into that trap. You want to hire the best, and there are a few ways to go about doing that.

Ask About Experience

First, you want to see how long a plumber has been in business. While there is nothing necessarily bad about a plumber who is just starting out, there can be trepidation because he or she has no proven track record. By hiring someone who has been around the block a few times, you know they do quality work. You can also get references with experienced plumbers.

Ask for Documents

There are quite a few documents you want to see from a first-class plumber. For starters, you want to be certain that a plumber has all essential licenses to work in your state. You also want to make sure a plumber has insurance so that you are not liable for anything that happens. Lastly, always make sure to get the warranty in writing.

By taking the time to really get to know your plumber, you will be 100 percent confident in his or her services. Find an outstanding plumbing contractor in Escondido by going to this website first.

Friday, 21 October 2016

3 Key Benefits Of Hiring A Plumber For Remodeling

Remodeling your home can be an intimidating and expensive process. In an attempt to save money, some homeowners may be thinking about trying to DIY their plumbing. However, if you are remodeling your home, read on to discover three key benefits of hiring a plumber for your remodeling project.

1. Secure Your Safety

Hiring a professional plumber for your remodel can make your home a safe—and sanitary—place. You may have watched videos and read articles and think you know what you are doing, but a professional has experience and knowledge. Working with a professional plumber ensures that your waste lines are correctly installed and hooked up, reducing the chance of any nasty surprises in the future.

2. Know What to Keep or Toss

A professional plumber can look at your existing pipes and know what can be saved and reused and what needs to be replaced, saving you money upfront as well as costly repairs in the long run.

3. Preserve Your Project

Maybe you are finally getting the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. Do you really want to risk all your hard work, time and money on a DIY plumbing job that may threaten the final result? Hiring a professional can help preserve that dream space and make it a lasting project that you can enjoy for years to come.

When remodeling your home, don’t risk your dream room just to save a little money. Trust the professionals to get the perfect space that’ll be worth the wait. To learn more about plumbing remodeling in Carmel, visit this website.

Service Clinic: Furnace Maintenance Checklist

Fall is here, and that means service technicians will be performing annual maintenance and checkup on HVAC systems.... Read more

3 Surprisingly Common Problems With Garbage Disposals

Is your sink sluggishly draining, or do you hear bad noises when you turn on your garbage disposal? You may be afraid that something is seriously wrong with your garbage disposal, but the truth may surprise you. Read on to find out the three most common problems with garbage disposals.

1. It’s So Noisy!

Garbage disposals make quite a bit of noise as they operate due to the various moving parts, and depending on what you are putting down the drain, your disposal may be noisier than usual. But if the noise seems really out of character, it might be due to loose screws, worn-out bearings or even a piece of metal or bone that has worked its way into the disposal.

2. It’s Clogged!

Lots of things get poured and pushed down sinks. Unwieldy items may find their way down the drain or problematic substances may accumulate over time and create clogs that can lead to slow drains or water backing up into the sink.

3. It’s Leaking!

A leaking garbage disposal may lead to wet spots under the sink or water dripping from the garbage disposal itself. Leaks may be caused by something as simple as loose pipe joints or overused rubber gaskets.

If you experience any of these common garbage disposal problems, there is no need to panic. A professional plumber can help you fix your problems and your drains can be flowing freely in no time. To learn more about garbage disposal repair in Pacific Grove, please visit this website.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

4 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Plumber

Your business needs a working bathroom to function. If you run a restaurant, then you need a steady supply of water all the time. When issues with any of your piping come up, you need to hire a commercial plumber.

1. You Get a Permanent Solution
If you try to fix a problem on your own, the fixture may only be fixed temporarily. Hiring an expert plumber ensures that the issue will not come back to bother you any time soon.

2. Expert Diagnoses

Unless you are a professional plumber yourself, you may not know exactly what is going on. Not every plumbing issue is the result of a clog that can be removed with a snake. A plumber should be able to tell you what exactly is going on.

3. Emergency Repairs

When a plumbing emergency takes place, you do not have any time to waste. You need a professional in there to resolve the problem before your building needs to shut down.

4. Best Equipment

Some plumbing items such as snakes and liquid drain cleaner can be purchased at nearby stores. However, more powerful equipment is often ideal. A plumber will have the best gadgets currently on the market.

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Fixing Faucets

Are you getting inadequate water pressure from your faucet? More irksome issues can come up if you do not repair the fixture in a timely manner, so get a plumber out to your home to resolve the issue. 

How to Tell If Your Drains Are Clogged

Clogs happen in pipes all the time. They are the result of dirt, grease and other substances attaching to the pipe walls and blocking water flow. In addition to inadequate water drainage, you should be mindful of the following symptoms that you have a serious clog on your hands.

Multiples Fixtures Have Drainage Issues

Most of the time, a clog is going to affect a single fixture. A snake or drain cleaner can often remedy the situation. However, if multiple fixtures cannot drain, then you have a more serious clog issue to contend with. There may be a problem with your main sewer line.

Smells Coming From Pipes

With all that debris in your pipes, a very unpleasant odor can be emitted. If you start smelling something funky around your plumbing fixtures, then a clog may be in there.

Get a Video Inspection

Many plumbing companies these days offer video inspections. This is when a camera is sent down a drain in order to see what is causing backup issues. This allows the plumber to know definitively what is causing problems.

Clogs can quickly escalate and cause a lot more damage. That cannot happen in your home or else you can expect to pay a lot more in repair costs. Go to this website if you suspect you need a drain cleaning in Santa Cruz.