Saturday, 5 November 2016

How to Tell if You Have a Gas Leak

While you might not ordinarily think of gas leaks as being a problem that a skilled plumber can diagnose and fix, it’s important that you stay observant and contact a plumber as soon as you think you have a gas leak. Taking the right preventative and reactionary measures is crucial if you are to maintain your house’s safety and keep your gas bill from suddenly rising dramatically. Not all plumbers can fix gas leaks, so make sure you find one that does before having them come to your home. Additionally, if you know whether you have propane or natural gas line piping, make sure that the plumber you call can service both or whichever style that you have.

Symptoms of a Gas Leak

If you think you smell rotten eggs, there’s a good chance it’s not your refrigerator or sink, but a leaking gas line. Gas doesn’t smell like rotten eggs, but gas companies put the smell into the line so that you can know if you have a leak. If you notice that suddenly there is absolutely no hot water running through your property, then your gas lines are probably leaking and not powering your heating systems. For more information on gas line repair in Apex, read more at the website below.

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